The bag and its unknown creator sparked a vision –
to create the very finest luxury goods, entirely in America.


This bag from another century, believed to come from Italy, seemed to call to us from a different age. Its very existence, after all these years, sounded a challenge. A last chance to act before the skills and knowledge that crafted this masterpiece were lost forever.

We took up that call. And we hold the torch high.

Knowing that the very finest leather goods houses were started by harness- and saddle-makers, we knew that we would have to find those artisans in the United States. That is where we began. A century ago this would have been a bit easier, but in the age of the horseless carriage it was an arduous search through America’s back roads. One that eventually led to an Amish community still working with traditional tools and techniques.

This process of searching for an increasingly rare breed of craftsman continued for each component. From forged brass buckles to framemakers, we have found the very finest possible artisans in this country and proudly include their masterpieces in the Fischer Voyage journey. 


Fischer Voyage was founded by Steven Fischer and represents the culmination of decades of his fashion and luxury thinking, research and experience.


In 2005 Steven introduced courses on fashion and luxury at Northwestern University, and began analyzing the industry. His Luxury Viewpoints newsletter is read by more than 1,200 industry practitioners. In 2010 he created Image, Style & Design Studio, to apply classroom teachings that allow clients to create deeper customer relationships. Before his foray into fashion and luxury, Steven served thirteen years in administration for the Kellogg School’s MMM Program, which has its heritage in manufacturing management. But, perhaps most influential on his understanding and appreciation for the very finest comes from his seven-year relationship with Japan, including two years living in the country.